Sunday, July 4, 2010

Insects Kingdom, Picture taken using Raynox 202

Picture taken with Raynox 202

Good about: Raynox 202. get better close-up and faceshot
Take note: Raynox 202 you have to be carefull when taking insects shot. you have to go close to the subject 10 to 15 mm
If using a LX5 use 3x zoom,
Best insects to taken with Raynox 202: Jumping spider or inscts that don't fly easy or scare easy quicky when getting really close. Face shot or insect is very small

Raynox 202 best use on kit lens and PnS camara


Brand: Raynox.
Model: MSN-202.
25 diopter
Size/Weight: 42x22mm/60g.
Mounting threads: 37mm.

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  1. hi benjamin, spotted this from a google search. some amazing pictures here! what filter or tube do you use? do you crop the pics? i use nikon d300 and have the 105mm macro lens, but i've never been able to take pics this close!