Wednesday, December 8, 2010

welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog BeniePhoto of Insects, Thank you for viewing my blog

About myself

Benjamin Tan 本杰明, I am amateur insects Marco photographer.
I love macro insects photography they are pretty
I am from Singapore, i live near the west side of the island.
Love walking around parks and look for cute insects, in the early morning. if anyone love to join me are welcome. Email me anytime

*Happy New year to all my friends and viewer

inspirational song

I always listen to this MTV by Brain Mckinght, it always tell me not to give up and never give in.

Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. tell yourself I can do it and never give in or give up.
I’m gonna win

Tip on Insects Macro Photography before heading out in the field.

Q. What the best time to shoot insects Macro on the field?

A. During Morning and Evening time, most insects come out during this two timing.

Q. What do we need, to shoot insects?

A. You need any Brand PnS,DSLR,Firm SLR camera. Any Macro Lens ext.Flash or build -in flash on the camera it self.

Q. What if i don't have a Macro Lens, Still can shoot insects Macro?

A. Yes, you still can shoot macro insects,
Using any fliter like Raynox,Macro ring fliter, Ext.Tube and even you can do revere Lens You can buy it from any camera shop Dealer. Check price before buying

Use a kit Lens and add Fliter like Raynox or Ring Fliter another is Ext. Tube

Q. What do i need to bring and do, beside Camera and macro lens etc?

During your field trip Number 1 thing you should list down and do

1. Water Bottle
2. Towel
3. Any Kind of Cap
4. Rain cover for your camera and yourself. you will not get you and your camera wet
5. Wear shoes during every macro trip.
6. Have a meal before shoot
7. Study the area before head to unknown Area place
8. If you are going to unknown area forest, best to go with 3 to 5 person maybe group. not to have chance of getting lost.
9. During evening/Night shoot. Bring a torch light with you always
10. Night shoot, Stay together in group in unknown area.

Q. How to spot inscts?

To spot the right insects you want to shoot is better to study the insects breeding group. Just do a normal lookout walk along and look closing to flowers and plants near you. If you spoted a insects, remember to be tact full before carry out the shoot/capture.

Flying insects you need to be extra careful, they feel of fear near by they will fly away; getting them back is hard to be spoted again.

I wish you all good luck in finding rare insects and share your find.


Take your time and view my blog, I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures

This are my system i am using

Panasonic LX5
Flash: Nissin Di466
Raynox: 250,150,202

Here my best shot i love most

My next project coming soon on Dog photography. Keep a lookout

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