Thursday, December 2, 2010

About some basic macro photography

About some basic macro photography

Macro is a great area of photography as you can take macro shots where ever you are. Find small details of larger objects to create abstract looking images, or maybe you want to take pictures of creepy crawlies like spiders and beetles (my favourite subject) or maybe close ups of flowers.

However, you do need the right equipment to do it properly.

if you do have a kit lens you can also get

Extension Tube sets a few brand you can get (Kenko,Nikon, or any 3rd party brand in mass buy in clubsnap mostly they come in 36mm 20mm 12mm, diff brand come in diff in mm. what do extension tube these An extension tube is an accessory for cameras with interchangeable lenses, used primarily for macro photography. The tube contains no optical elements; its sole purpose is to move the lens farther from the image plane. The farther away the lens is, the closer the focus, the greater the magnification and also the greater the loss of light (requiring a longer exposure time)

If you are looking for cheaper option
you can use a Raynox 250 or 150 attend to your kit lens
You don't really need a macro lens to take macro

With Raynox you also can attend to your macro lens ( best with only Raynox 250)

For 3rd party brand or Raynox you can get from:


if you feel like getting one of this Raynox 250 and 150 or
Extension Tube,

Visit their website at Artworkfoto

Raynox website for raynox
Raynox website more detail about raynox.

You will also need to be patient

You will also need to be patient, especially with insects as they are very quick, so get used to the settings which work best on your camera so you are able to get the shot quickly when you need to.

Depth of field is also going to be more obvious. Being that close up you will need to use a small aperture to make sure you get a suitably large area in focus, although you can also use aperture.
Use a flash and a DIY diffuser is best to place in front of the lens

I attend a Raynox 250,150,202 to the lens Adapter to the LX5, I design make a DIY diffuser with thin type of chopping board,Thin Foam to wrap Hi-fi. i cut out to shape
and place in front of the Raynox. i use a ext.flash Nissin Di466

Click to enlarge picture

Sharing My setup when i am shooting macro with a LX5

to order The Lens Adapter click on this link

in picture #7, I have change flash to Nissin Di466.


  1. ben, simple and effective! and very innovative. hope to join you for macro outing. will email you soon.


  2. Hi, I love your pic!
    I just bought a LX5 last few week ago..
    How to do if I want to take macro effect pic same as yours?
    Mind to share? :)