Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picture taken with a LX5 with stacking with Raynox 250+150

Sharing some shot taken with LX5 stacking with Raynox 250+150

Agave snout-nosed weevil, very cute long nose. i took a shot of him during early morning time.
he was on the fallen tree, he alway moving i have to find a right time to get his shot. i got the shot i wanted side view. hope i will find him again to get the head shot.

Med size Huntman spider, was found on the wooded poll quietly. I manage to get his front-face shot.

Hasselt's spiny spider, This is the first time i seen him on the leaf normaly he will be on his web. the Hasselt's spiny spider founded by 1 of my mate when he was taking a picture too. bingo he on the green leaf i take no chance i do a quick shot and this is my fav shot, i have in my collection now. Front view of the Hasselt's spiny spider.
Thank you Bro David for finding this spider

Classification: Family Araneidae, Orb-Web Spiders.
Habitat: Wasteland, secondary forests.
Distribution: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, India.

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